Δευτέρα, 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2012


Facebook is expected to join later this year in the stock market, providing in the market about five billion dollars in securities.

Internet recruits enlisted the political violence.
The British are trying to remove extremists from the Internet British MPs think they have to create a new code that will draw a red line on material that promotes violent fundamentalist tendencies.


An implant made of the lower jaw in three-dimensional printer ... transplanted into a woman 83years old for the first time worldwide. The transplant took place in Holland last June but only now comes to publicity.

the new big bet of the Environment Ministry in the coastal front of Athens, with the signature of the famous Italian architect Reggio Piano. Multiply.And all these are about the building and 4,000 square cover in 8600 to accommodate commercial uses in Faliro,in Greece.

a new blog is comming to shake up the awake men in the internet world.This blog aspires to have them all technology, adventure, women, real food, games, true stories ,music and many other  staffs strictly for men and only for women with real strong resistance.the name of this blog is "To steki tou polemisth" and we are looking forward to explore it! i hope you like it too have fun ! http://tostekitoupolemisti.blogspot.com/

Τρίτη, 13 Δεκεμβρίου 2011


Lose weight with  two days diet!!!
The study was conducted by specialists at University Hospital of South Manchester.
The exclusion of carbohydrates for a two day a week leads to weight loss double thanconstant calorie restriction

Sleeping Dreamming and Learning
Scientists at Boston University and colleagues from the Laboratory of NeuroscienceATR in Kyoto, Japan conducted experiments with fMRI technology and argue that Can be used as a kind of sophisticated hypnopaedia.

Newton in web...
The University of Cambridge, where  taught the famous physicist andmathematician Isaac Newton, allows for the first time, online access to digitizedmanuscripts and original printed works of the great scientist to anyone interested.

Theft took place in the church of Saints Constantine and Helen, where unknown attackers posing as pilgrims came, opened the glass showcase in which thereliquary was...

Δευτέρα, 28 Νοεμβρίου 2011


Bionic Contact Lenses on-screen role
An international team of researchers has created a revolutionary type of contact lenses that show holographic images.

About 10,000 people dressed as living dead stood in the streets for the largest "zombie state" ever organized.

'Jumbo stores' have nothing to worry about the financial crisis in Greece. Even the banks could be propably jealous of theme, because these stores have zero  bank dept.

Fovos gave sign of life !!!
The communicating with the russian vessel "Fovo" is partially fixed. The vessel remain in earth orbit yet.

Τετάρτη, 23 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Fur, Wine and Poison in the Communication ...

The ecological awarness in West Hollywood returns for one more time! The goverment banned the sale of fur in West Hollywood .

Students of the univercity of st andrews in scotland are having fun with the blessing of tradition due to raisin's monday. new students were aksed to give one pound of raisins to the older students for their help.nowadays a pound of raisins is replaced by a bottle of wine ...!!!

poison in the air!!!beyond even the worst prediction of experts  arrived in 2010 the greenhouse gases.the consetrations of carbon dioxide reached 389 per million ...

poachers with wireless coordinated with the police!!!greek police arrested two of those equipped with portable  wireless tuned to frequencies of ELAS...

Παρασκευή, 18 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Facebook pirates deceive our freedom...

So, cheating keeps a relationship alive ??? Definatly not !!!according to recearches infidelity cancel each others thrust ,totally or partially ...destroying the foundations in a healthy relationship !!!

In cordinated attack yielded facebook ,with two days delay, the hard porn and extreme violance photos which was posted in the accounds of thousands of members !These unspeakable fotos became visible and from little children .

Pay in... kind !!! Yes thats a reality in italy.
For one week the monay has no value in 300 italian inns ( bed and breakfast hotels ), they will use exchanges instead .

On the one side was the Somali pirates . And on the other ...???Private armies!!! Shipowners recruit 4-5 private securities to protect their ships ,goods and crew of the attacks.And these stuff  in 2011 !!!

Κυριακή, 13 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Hostages in the Freedom of fear...

Greek teenagers turn to be chained to their addictions, since due to research made by the Intitute of psycological health, they start drinking and smoking since the age of thirteen.

The so called ''library ninjas'' are getting their way through the social networks. They are CIA analysts, who explore the social networks, such as facebook and twitter, looking and collecting all kind of information. Just to give you an idea they record about five million ''tweets'' daily!

The russian space engineers have only a couple of days to solve the malfunction that showed up to the spaceship with destination Mars' satelite named Phobos. The spaceship failed to ignite its' engines and since it's filled with toxic fuel it could be the most dangerous thing that has ever crashed on the Earth

Τρίτη, 1 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Smoke in the death of economy...Or something else?

Genetically modified tobacco promises to reduse nicotine without which the smoker lose the enjoyment of the cigarette and in the and he leaves this unhealthy habit.

32 years old police officer murdered a 49 woman from Albania with whom he had an affair .

No diferrent time in England any more???
Cameron goverment thinks to turn the country's clocks one  hour ahead  , so the British economy would gain 3.5 billion pounds annually !!!